"Bikers would be better off under Lib Dems"

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Motorcyclists would be made better off by Lib Dem plans to cut road tax and fuel duty and introduce road pricing, the party claims. 

Bikes would get road pricing discounts to reflect their environmental benefits over cars while fuel costs would be lower and road tax would be scrapped, according to Shadow Transport Minister John Leech.

Road pricing would be introduced on motorways and major trunk roads with riders of low-capacity machines benefiting from the lowest rates. 

Leech said: “In terms of low-carbon transport, motorcycles, particularly the smaller-engined ones, are of an environmental benefit.

"We should recognise they play a very important role in cutting our carbon emissions and can play a strong role in our future transport.”

Leech is the third and final politician to set out his party’s election stall to motorcyclists in MCN after Conservative Shadow Transport Minister Robert Goodwill and Transport Minister Paul Clark.

Read Leech’s interview, and a recap of what the other’s said they could offer motorcyclists, in MCN, on sale today.

• The UK Independence Party claims it has more to offer bikers than any of the three main parties.

Steve Newton, UKIP’s candidate for Chatham and Aylesford, in Kent, said policies included backing motorcycle access to bus lanes, opposing EU legislation aimed at biking, consulting on raising motorway limits to 80mph and “supporting the right to enjoy the freedom and manoeuvrability motorcycling brings”.

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell