Bike ‘ringers’ jailed

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Two motorcycle “ringers” have been jailed for selling thousands of pounds worth of stolen bike parts on eBay.

Paul James, 33, from Erith in Kent and Seamus McGlynn, 26, from London, gave stolen motorcycles fake identities by changing the frame and engine numbers.

They were caught with equipment used for the scam, known as ringing, including tools for grinding away the old numbers and stamping new ones.

Officers also found evidence linking the pair to £265,000 worth of stolen parts.
Both pleaded guilty to handling stolen parts at Southwark Crown Court. They were sentenced on Thursday to two years and eight months in prison each.

Police identified 47 motorcycles that were handled by James and McGlynn and countless victims who thought they were buying genuine bikes and parts.

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell