Britten V1000

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The Britten V1000 was designed in 1991 by maverick bike builder John Britten.

It boasted a carbon fibre frameless chassis as well as carbon fibre wheels. The front suspension was an adjustable double wishbone girder-type, and the 999 cc V-twin made 160 bhp.

Accolades won by the one-of-a-kind bike were:

1992 - won the Dutch round of the Battle of the Twins
1994 – won the Daytona round of the Battle of the Twins

In between those victories, the V1000 made four motorcycle world speed records: the standing start quarter mile, mile and kilometre, and the flying mile at 187.66mph.

Britten died of cancer in 1995, making future development of the bike impossible. To learn more about the John Britten story visit: to buy the re-mastered and re-released DVD biography.


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Dan Aspel

By Dan Aspel