New winter cleaning kit from Sdoc100

Published: 21 October 2010

SDoc100 have compiled a winter cleaning kit that seems to contain everything required to care for your bike through the winter. 

Perhaps the most important component of the kit is SDoc100's Total Gel Cleaner, which is specially formulated to remove road grime, dirt, and grease without scrubbing. MCN staff highly recommend it.

SDoc100 Corrosion Protectant is designed to help shield metal parts against the effects of road salt, as well as lubricating, displacing moisture, and stopping any existing corrosion in its tracks.

The firm’s Chain Cleaner and Chain Lube will help remove grease and grit from the links and then ensure that they're properly lubricated, while Paint and Plastic Polish helps remove fine scratches, revitalise colour, and protect bodywork from UV bleaching. Black & Shine spray is claimed to make black engines, frames and bodywork look like new.

To top it all of, the kit comes in its own bucket, and also contains a microfibre cloth and sponge, as well as a free sample Visor and Helmet wipe.
The kit costs £44.99.

More info: 01256-704909 or