Learners pass test to be told they can still only ride 125s

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Newly qualified riders are being told they can still only ride 125s because the bike they passed their test on is not on a Driving Standards Agency list. 

The list sets out which bikes learners can use in the test in order to qualify to ride bigger machines.  

But many motorcycles said to meet the requirements are not included. 

As a result, riders are passing the test to be told they can only have a ‘light motorcycle licence’ for bikes up to 125cc.

Chinese manufacturer Jinlun has sold over 2400 125cc bikes in the UK since 2007, but only one out of several Jinlun models is on the list. 

Tyrone Duffy of Jinlun.co.uk said all the bikes could exceed 62.5mph, the requirement for successful test candidates to ride larger bikes. 

He said: “We’ve sold thousands and everyone has bought them to do the 125 test on.

“We’ve got a rider training school in Birmingham that just uses our bikes. They don’t use anyone else’s. They’ve bought six.”

Jacob Reed, 20, was told he could still only ride 125s after passing his test on a Jinlun 125-C. The student, from Maidenhead, said: “I wanted a full licence. Instead I’ve got a full licence for bikes up to 125cc, which isn’t much good.”

Older bikes such as Yamaha’s TZR125 and Suzuki’s RG125 are also missing from the list.

A DSA spokesman said: “We are happy to receive information regarding the specification of these machines either from the manufacturer or the importer and we can then add them to the list.”

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell