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Motorcyclists face roadside MoT-style inspections and restrictions on fitting accessories under proposals from Brussels.

The UK’s MoT system will be replaced with a new Europe-wide roadworthiness inspection regime under the plans.

As well as roadside spot checks just for bikes, the European Commission is proposing: 

• Compulsory tests whenever a vehicle has been in an accident, changed owners or been modified in any way.
• Tests more than once a year, tests of vehicles under three years old and more frequent inspections as vehicles age.
• Standardising roadworthiness rules across Europe by making every country adopt those of the strictest.
• Raising the cost of inspections by up to £30%.

The toughest current standards are in Germany, where modifying is made complicated and expensive by requirements for individual motorcycle parts to be tested and approved.

MAG president Ian Mutch said: “The worst scenario is that we wouldn’t be able to fit anything that’s not an official accessory made by the manufacturer of the bike.
“Road-side spot-checks specifically for motorcycles are also under consideration.”

The plans are set out in an online European Commission consultation with a September 24 deadline for responses. Riders are urged to complete the multiple-choice survey opting for ‘no change’ in response to each proposal.

Mutch said: “MAG is encouraging riders to complete the survey and opt for ‘no change’.”

Complete the survey here:

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell