KTM 525 EXC: now Roland Sands has the best bikes AND customers

Published: 08 April 2011

This is Roland Sands’ latest take on his ‘cafe-moto’ theme, just picked up by its delighted new owner. And a lovely pair they make. Roland, we hate you.

About the bike
“Happiness comes in many forms and today it comes in the color of a beautiful ripe California grown tangerine. What started out as a rough build has been molded into something much more finished featuring 525cc’s of growling KTM fury.

"This is our next evolution of the Café Moto concept, an ever evolving project that shifts and changes with every bike we do. All the body work is hand-made aluminum, FMF did a trick titanium exhaust for us and Chris Wood at Airtrix delivered the Candy Orange Flake paint on the tail, tank and headlight mount.

"This one is street legal, ultra-light and has just enough horsepower to get you in trouble. Forks and shock have been lowered considerably.

"We debated back and forth on the front fender then decided to keep it moto with chopped down fork guards. Sub-frame has been heavily modified to accept the battery and electronics.

"She is only missing her license plate which should be on its way. In the meanwhile we will try our hardest not to get arrested riding it.”

About the owner
“Lucky girl….and if you ask us, lucky bike too.”


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