Three classic bikes added to Silverstone MotoGP auction

Published: 12 April 2011

Three classic bikes have been added to the Silverstone Auctions on June 11, in the midst of the AirAsia British MotoGP. And if you're not successful at the auction, why not have a look at classic motorcycles for sale with MCN?

A Cedos-Bradshaw 350, a Cedos Ladies Model Number 5, and a Seely 500 are the latest additions to a number of rare motorcycles to be auctioned off by Toby Moody.

The Seely 500 was built from scratch in the 90s for Neil Townsend to race in the Isle of Man Manx Grand Prix Classic. It has finished the IOM GP three times and is an NGMCC 500 Classic Bike Championship winner.

The Cedos-Bradshaw 350, complete with Watsonian sidecar, was originally owned by the director of Cedos at the time, Percy Spokes, and is anticipated to sell for £15,000. While the Cedos Ladies Model Number 5 is anticipated to sell for £5,000.

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