Ross Noble's Sit Down Tour: Parrish's pub to Bournemouth

Published: 03 August 2011

Bike nut, enduro rider and comedian Ross Noble rode the 500,000th Triumph to roll out of the Hinckley factory on a tour of the UK in May. The six-day tour to commemorate half a million bikes being produced at the factory was entirely guided by suggestions posted to Noble's Twitter page (@realrossnoble).

In the second instalment of the tour (watch the first instalment here), Noble receives a tweet from ex-racer and MotoGP commentator Steve Parrish to visit his pub in Croydon, Royston. The boys head from Bury St Edmunds to the Queen Adelaide pub, which proudly boasts 3 Bridgestone stars, to chat with Steve about bus racing before heading to Bournemouth via Reading.

En route the tour picks up a new rider at a service station and joins a Triumph ride-out group in the Dorset countryside.