MCN Adventure – Top tips from Simon Pavey

Published: 22 August 2011

You never know what’s round the corner on any adventure ride, so to make sure you’re prepared for any eventuality MCN spent a day with Dakar legend Simon Pavey to get his top tips.

From how to cross a river, tackle steep hills, the tools to take, to the bits of kit Pavey wouldn’t leave home without, see the new MCN Adventure magazine free with MCN on Wednesday 24th August.

How to cross a river
"No matter how good a rider you are you need to be cautious and respectful of any river because it can potentially be very dangerous. First of all you need to be mindful of how fast the water is flowing because it’s amazing how easily it can wash you and your bike away. Don’t be afraid to wade across the river first to understand how deep and what’s under the water and if you’ve still got doubts walk along side your bike to cross the river making sure you are up stream, ideally with someone else supporting the rear of the bike. I’ve seen good riders drown there bike in small streams by trying to go too fast. So take your time and be cautious and you’ll save time in the long run."


What tools to take
"This very much depends on the type of trip you have planned, whether you will be able to get recovery assistance along the way and your own level of technical expertise. Before I go to the Dakar each year I will strip my bike down completely with the tool kit I intend to carry. I know that with the tools I have I can change tyres, repair my chain, remove all the body work, replace the clutch, remove and re-fit a new engine and everything in between. Obviously not everyone needs to be that prepared." The tools you take depend on the type of riding, countries you’ll visit and of course your own mechanical skill.