Bid for more bikers in Mid Wales

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An academic has been awarded a £5000 grant to investigate ways of attracting more motorcyclists to Mid Wales.

Dr Carl Cater, a lecturer in tourism qualifications at Aberystwyth University, will study the economic impact of motorcycle tourism on Ceredigion.

He has been granted the first Tourism Society Wales Professional Development Award for a year-long study which could result in a bikers’ welcome scheme.

He told the BBC: "Mid Wales has a high proportion of the mountain and country roads favoured by motorcyclists and is close to the large population centres of the Midlands.

"Consequently, the money spent by motorcyclists in Wales could be even greater.

"The ultimate aim is to find better ways of marketing Ceredigion for the needs of motorcyclists," he added.

"The county already has fishing and walking welcome schemes, so a bikers’ welcome scheme could be set up."

He said the research would be relevant across Mid and North Wales.

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell