Video: Avoiding idiots

Ever felt like you’re the only sane person on the road?

“Avoiding idiots” – a YouTube video shot by Dubliner Rob Brannigan on his daily commute through the city – highlights some of the dangers faced by bikers every day.

Brannigan told MCN: “There were 3 main motivations for shooting the video: firstly, I nearly got taken out at the first clip junction by a red light jumper.

“Secondly, a few weeks later a guy on my nearside nearly got taken out by a car that stopped two inches from him.

“Thirdly – and most importantly – I had a chat with a guy I never met before when I was coming out of hospital for a non-biking injury… he’d lost a leg nine months previously because a lady jumped a red light and took him out.

“There were no witnesses – even though it was a busy junction – and the lady is denying all responsibility. He was a truck driver and lost his job as a consequence.”

Do you have any footage of bike-threatening driving you’d like to share?

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Dan Aspel

By Dan Aspel