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Ever had that uncomfortable feeling? The one just before everything below your waistband goes numb whilst riding your bike? It's pretty obvious that the designers of regular pants for everyday wear didn’t think of bike riders when they were at their drawing board…

If you ride a bike and ride in normal pants then the possibility of suffering discomfort is high - we’ve all felt it. Whilst attending the Motorcycle Expo at Birmingham NEC this year I got that feeling I had found the answer to our prayers:

Conspicuous amongst all the other stands clad in wood, a mannequin at the front was wearing a pair of pants with no seam down the middle – I was hooked!

When I enquired about these further I found out more. Not only were they designed with comfort in mind, they were also made out of beech tree pulp which makes them extremely sustainable and good for the environment.

However the true test came when I wore them on the bike for the first time. They didn’t disappoint.

With no labels on the inside, a generous fit and no seams digging into me I felt as if I could ride forever - and there was no discomfort when I dismounted the bike.

They would also be perfect for touring as they come in a bag which allows them to be washed and tied to the back of the bike to dry.

Even though they are made for use whilst playing sports or riding bikes, they have made it into my everyday wardrobe! With equally as comfortable t-shirts and hoodies in the range of responsibly sourced and manufactured clothing I cannot recommend a better base layer.

The level of thought in both the design and manufacturing process of these items is what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Carli Ann Smith has been riding bikes since aged 12, now 20 she has been the proud owner of a CBR400, VFR 400 and currently rides an R6.

She can be contacted on:

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Carli Ann Smith

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