Government boost for moped scheme

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A scheme which helps people find work by lending them mopeds is to get a share of a £560million Government fund to boost sustainable transport.

The moped scheme has been recognised as providing sustainable transport alongside walking, cycling and public transport initiatives in a white paper called ‘Creating Growth, Cutting Carbon’.  

The scheme, called Wheels 2 Work, uses support from dealerships to provide short-terms loans of mopeds to people with no alternative transport to work or education.

The British Motorcyclists Federation said it was “at last formal recognition of the role that motorcycles can play”.

Chris Hodder, the BMF’s Government Relations Executive, added: “This is a really important step for motorcycling as Wheels 2 Work is a low-cost initiative compared to the massive sums put into other transport schemes and shows the benefits of motorcycle use within the Big Society.”

Local Transport Minister Norman Baker said: “We are clear you can have your green cake and eat it. Money invested wisely in local transport initiatives can both help the economy and cut carbon. It’s a win-win for local people and for the country as a whole.”

Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell