Naked women draped over Ducatis

Published: 26 January 2011

Ducati have launched a range of arty pics of naked women draped over their bikes.

Here's how Ducati describe the collection – we would be grateful if anyone acquainted with art-speak could suggest what they actually mean...

Ducati say: "An exploration of the aesthetical relationship between the female body and the mechanical body of iconic Ducati bikes."

Possible translation: "Look! You can see her arse!"

"Perfect organisms which become the extension of one another."

Possible translation: "And her boobs!"

"The artist has approached and juxtaposed the abstract qualities of the organic and mechanical forms, highlighting both the complexity in design and the emotion of iconic Ducati motorcycles."

Possible translation: "But no nipples. This is art"

"The shots explore the multiple relationships between the designed and the natural. The lines of the mechanical body reflecting the lines of the organic form it was designed after.

"The unique color palette of the motorcycle extends from the framework to the features of the model. The model is in an extension of the bike herself."

Possible translation: "It's not the Crossbow calendar, right?"

All artwork copyright “©Elizabeth Raab”.