Video: Impreza breaking Isle of Man TT course record

Published: 21 July 2011

We know it's not a bike... but this video of triple British rally champion Mark Higgins steering a lightly modified Subaru Impreza WRX STI around the Isle of Man gives a great view of the Mountain course.

The video shows Manx born Higgins breaking the fastest average speed record on four wheels around the course, and features some great footage of the "moment" at Brey Hill, where compression going into the hill and a bump at the apex pitched the Impreza into a slide that required armfuls of lock and copious skill to recover.

The sense of speed conveyed in the video shows just how impressive it is that the fastest lap set on two wheels (John McGuinness - 131.578mph) is over 15mph faster than the 115.356mph average speed set over Higgins' fastest lap.