Best of Bikeshop: Modern classics up for grabs this week

Published: 29 July 2011

We've been browsing MCN bikes for sale every day to bring you some of our top picks from over 18,000 motorcycles for sale.             

Here's just a few of the fantastic modern classic machines available this week:  

’82 Suzuki TS250ER, £1499
Biggest version of ER trailie series is most useful… and collectable
We say: Clean, original, restored version at a reasonable price


’71 Suzuki TS125, £1500
‘70s original was a cute Suzuki staple – now prized
We say: Original, tidy, usable and decent value.


’79 Yamaha DT175, £950
DT was main rival to TS in ‘70s/’80s and trumped it with monoshock suspension
We say: Fairly complete and decent but needs work – hence price.


’80 Yamaha DT175, £1795
Same as above, just slightly newer and better nick
We say: Project or restored? You pays your money…

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