The difference between cars and bikes on the Isle of Man TT

Published: 10 June 2011

This incredible near miss is what happened when rally driver Mark Higgins took a Subaru rally car around the Isle of Man TT course earlier in the week. Yes we know this is Motor Cycle News but we defy anyone to watch it without clenching their buttocks as it unfolds.

Watch the bottom inset screen to see how much arm twirling goes on to hold the car in a vaguely straight line. Impressive stuff.

While bikes in the hands of the Isle of Man TT heroes manage to hit the bottom of Bray Hill at 180mph, and almost always stay in control, the rally car bottoms out and nearly spins at around 150mph. If it wasn’t for the stunning car control of the driver it would have been a hell of a mess.

We’re not sure what is more amazing…the car control or the control of the driver who only lets a small bleeped obscenity a while later.

Watch and be amazed…