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Pro-bike Prince of Wales meets Royal Legion's biker branch

Published: 17 June 2011

The House of Windsor's quiet pro-biking campaign goes on, as the Prince of Wales today met members of The Royal British Legion Riders Branch to thank them for their services to the British Armed Forces. Charles, father of Triumph-riding Harry and the Ducati-loving Duke of Cambridge, met 90 of the club's members at Clarence House where he took the opportunity to be pictured revving a cruiser and talking animatedly to its owner.

After the reception The Riders Branch Chairman, JJ Jarvis, said: "We are honoured that The Prince of Wales has recognised the activities of the branch, including the role we take in paying respects to those who have lost their lives on active duty.

"The branch has over 4,440 members, and the recognition received today is for the contribution every one of them makes.

"It was a privilege to meet The Prince, who was very enthusiastic about our work and motorcycling. We left him an open invitation to join the branch as an honorary member anytime.”

The branch is the second largest of the Legion's 2,800 branches. Members, including ex and current serving personnel and civilians, are brought together through their passion for motorcycling and support for The Royal British Legion.