Gore Lock out

Published: 10 March 2011

I was very interested to read your article on the Gore lock out zip.

I found Hein Gerike had a sale on, so I took my self off and bought a jacket with this closure system. I have to say it works as far as keeping the water out, but that seems to be about as good as it gets.

Zipping the jacket up once you're used to how to connect it properly is ok, but unzipping it is a nightmare. I've already had to exchange this garment under the warranty in the first week as the zip got stuck half way down and I couldn't get it off.

The replacement jacket seems as though it is very tight to zip down as well, despite having to lubricate it every time I go out on my bike. I am just hoping that after a short while it loosens up a little enough to be more practical.

Also for a similar jacket I could of saved a few quid, To have this feature seems to cost a hell of a lot more.

My personal advice to any one getting a jacket like this is, unless you're keeping the jacket on all day for touring etc, then the extra effort of the zip is worth it and does keep everything out, but if like me and you put it on and off a few time a day get a jacket with a normal zip and save your hard earned cash as it's just way too much faffing about.

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