New £27million Silverstone pit ‘Wing’ nearly finished

Published: 10 March 2011

MotoGP racer Cal Crutchlow was given a guided tour of the new £27million pit complex at Silverstone which is due for completion in just two months.

Crutchlow, Britain's only rider in the top racing championship was clearly impressed by the scale of the project and described it as ‘incredible’.

The new pit and paddock complex was only started just over a year ago but is now just weeks from completion with the British MotoGP round being held on June 2.

The developments are just the first part in what the bosses at Silverstone hope will turn it into a world class venue for racing on two wheels.

Crutchlow was taken on a tour of the new building, which will be officially opened on May 17, by Silverstone Managing Director Richard Phillips.

Crutchlow said: “It’s a spectacular complex, very impressive! I’d seen artist’s impressions, but I was blown away by the sheer size of the building. I’ve raced at most bike circuits around the world and very few, if any, offer facilities to rival these.

“It’s amazing what they’re doing here at Silverstone. They launched the new Grand Prix Circuit last year, which was awesome – very fast and technical, with plenty of opportunities to overtake – but I would say that having won both World Superbike races.

"Now they’re launching the new Pit and Paddock complex in May, in time for my home MotoGP race on 12 June. It just can’t come quickly enough; the atmosphere here will be incredible – I can’t wait.”

Phillips said: “I want people to understand just how important motorcycle racing is to us at Silverstone along with Formula One and all the other car racing events we host. We promised to make Silverstone a better experience, and that’s what we’re delivering.

"The facilities, track, entertainment, having a British rider racing at the highest level – they all contribute to the overall experience. We have got all the ingredients for this year’s British Grand Prix to be a cracker.

“The Silverstone Wing signifies an exciting new era for Silverstone. It’s a pioneering development and one of the best bike facilities in the world. We’re delighted that Cal has taken the time to come and see it for himself, especially as MotoGP will be one of the first events to run out of it on 12 June.”

The new building, measuring 360 metres in length and 30 metres at its highest point, will provide a world-class facility for teams, officials and spectators alike, including 41 new garages, a race control building, a new podium, media centre, hospitality and VIP spectator zones.