Petrol thieves target bikes

Published: 18 March 2011

Soaring fuel prices are leading thieves to steal petrol from motorcycles, it was warned last week.

Fuel thieves who would normally target vehicles with larger tanks are increasingly viewing motorcycles as easier targets.

An AA spokesman said: “What motorcyclists are facing are the toe-rags who have tried on cars and got petrol all over themselves and decided motorcycles are an easier hit.”

Stuart Croud, 43, from Eastbourne, Sussex, woke to find his Suzuki GSX-R600’s fuel lines cut and the tank drained overnight. “The police didn’t sound surprised when I reported it,” he said.

Motorcycles and scooters are being persistently targeted in London, according to website forums.

One rider in East Dulwich wrote: "It's happened three times now, right after I've filled up... They pull the whole fuel line right out and it costs to get that repaired."

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