Can you find a bigger pothole than this?

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This shocking pothole is the latest to be exposed in MCN’s search for Britain’s worst.

It measures five feet by two and is over sixe inches deep. Located on a well-used 60mph road, it could prove deadly to an unsuspecting motorcyclist.

MCN reader Alex Witham, 20, was thrown out of the seat of his Suzuki SV650 after hitting the hole at just 20mph on February 27.

The insurance manager from Norwich said: “I’d just come around a bend when I saw it. There was a truck on the opposite side of the road so I didn’t have anywhere to go except through it.

“It bent the front wheel and forks and threw me out of the seat. I landed on the tank but somehow managed to stay on the bike.”

The hole is on North Pickenham Road, used by traffic entering the A47 in Necton, Norfolk.

New potholes are formed during cold weather by water expanding as it freezes, forcing minor cracks to widen until repetitive freezing and thawing tears the surface apart.

MCN’s search for the country’s worst aims to put pressure on local authorities to maintain roads.

Potholes previous highlighted by the campaign have since been repaired.

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell