Best of bikemart: Modern classic bikes for sale this week

Published: 06 May 2011

We've been browsing MCN bikes for sale every day to bring you some of our top picks from over 10,000 motorcycles for sale.             

Here's just a few of the fantastic modern classic machines available this week:  

'79 Honda CB750 LE

’79 Honda CB750 LE, £3100  
Special edition early twin cam CB built to mark 10th anniversary of original sohc CB750.
We say: Probably now unique, decent nick, usable and decent value.


Triumph Daytona Super III

’97 Triumph Daytona Super III, £2500
Hopped-up version of original Hinckley Daytona features six-pot brakes, carbon and Cosworth goodies.
We say: Rare, interesting, becoming collectable and usable - but no sports bike.


Yamaha RZV500R

’84 Yamaha RZV500R, £6150
Rare, grey import, alloy-framed version of RD500LC. Exquisite and appreciating.
We say: Original and standard too, hence the price...


'79 Kawasaki KH400

’79 Kawasaki KH400, £2950
Iconic, good looking 70's stroker triple is usable, fun and revered - tho' RD400 faster.
We say: Excellent nick and correct optional ARE alloys and Allspeed pipes a bonus.

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