Top bike insurer says: ‘No more than three mods, whatever they are’

Published: 17 November 2011

One of Britain’s biggest motorcycle insurers is refusing to cover machines with more than three modifications, irrespective of what they are.

Bikes with four minor alterations such as a sticker are automatically rejected by Bennetts Insurance while those with three major modifications including nitrous oxide may not be.

Potential customers are asked to identify modifications to their bike by choosing from a comprehensive list.

The list of over 50 possible modifications ranges from a tank protector to specially built frame, but riders can select a maximum of three no matter which they are.
Failure to declare any could invalidate the policy.

One rider posted on MCN’s forum: ‘I recently rang up Bennetts and enquired about fitting a K&N air filter to my bike. However they said because I already had three modifications, that is the maximum I am allowed, and if I went ahead I would be uninsured.’

Bennetts insures 200,000 UK riders and provides quotes to 600,000 a year, more than half the country’s total motorcyclists according to the firm’s website.

Other major bike insurers including Carole Nash and MCE said they did not have a similar limit.

A Bennetts spokeswoman said: "The current Bennetts system allows a maximum of three modifications because historically the number of bikers, when quoting through one of our direct channels, who list more than one modification is very low. “

She said Bennetts would listen to feedback on the issue.

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