MCN’s Brussels protest: ‘What a superb day!’

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Motorcyclists have been sharing their pictures and experiences from MCN’s Brussels protest ride on a Facebook page.

Around 200 riders travelled hundreds of miles to take part in last Tuesday’s protest against EU anti-tampering measures for bikes.

They included Red Dwarf star Danny John-Jules, who plays Cat in the sitcom. He said on the day: “I wanted to support the effort.”

Adey Gittins got home at 5.30am after a round trip of 880 miles. He posted on Facebook: ‘Met some nice people on the way there and the ride through the city was great… Now time for a nice long rest.’

The sun shone and the temperature hit 14°C for the ride from Parc du Cinquantenaire, by the European Commission headquarters, to European Parliament. 
Police closed roads to other traffic and passers-by stopped and waved to riders.

At European Parliament, MEPs came out to hear our concerns on Place du Luxembourg.
Stuart Walker wrote on Facebook: ‘Awesome day and I’ve made some good friends. Many thanks to MCN and the Belgian Police force for practically shutting down the centre of Brussels.’

Richard Lewis posted: ‘Glad to see so many make the effort to be there. Let’s hope the eejits in the parliament got the message. We really lucked out with the weather in Brussels too. November 22 yet the sun was shining and I was eating ice cream.

‘The people of Brussels were great. Many were waving to us as we went round the city.’ Christian Papazoglakis wrote: ‘I never thought I’d see so many of you crazy Brits here. Hats off to you!’

Tuning could become impossible under EU anti-tampering proposals.

One aim of the plans is to prevent modifications to the ‘powertrain’ which rider groups fear could mean anything from the throttle to rear tyre.

New bikes are also to get ABS under the proposals, due to be introduced gradually from 2014.

MCN’s protest was calling for the anti-tampering plans to be abandoned.

Speaking to bikers outside European Parliament, George Lyon, Lib Dem MEP for Scotland, said: “It infringes the rights of people who have purchased bikes to make them suit their own needs.”

Marta Andreasen, UKIP MEP from South East England, who proposed the protest, said: “It’s a good turn-out and it’s going to have an impact.”
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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell