Bad drivers caught on film as helmet cam sales double

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Bad drivers are increasingly likely to have their antics caught on camera and posted online as more and more motorcyclists routinely use helmets cameras.

Sales of the devices have doubled in two years and risen 40% in the last 12months according to retailers.

The small cameras can be stuck to side of helmets with suction cups and record up to two hours on a battery charge. 

One rider has created his own YouTube ‘channel’ with over 1000 subscribers and uploaded a string of videos shot in London called ‘Near Miss Stupid Drivers’.

One shows a black cab almost knock the Suzuki DRZ400 rider off as he swerves into his lane while speaking on his mobile phone. Moment later, the cab driver leans out of the window, phone still at his ear, and asks: “What did I do?” and the rider tells him his registration number is on film. 

Matt Taylor, Marketing Director at said: “Motorcyclists are now using helmet cameras a lot.

"Sales of the devices have increased by over 100% in the last two years."

Mark Nelson, MD of, said: "We’ve seen easily a 40% increase in helmet camera sales in the last 12 months alone and helmet suction mounts are the most popular accessory."

Other videos show cars pulling across bus lanes, driving on the wrong side of the road, nearly sideswiping bikes on the motorway and even deliberately swerving towards riders. 

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell