Editor's picks - Victory Vegas

Published: 03 October 2011

With details of Victory's new High-Ball bobber being released, we delved into the selection of motorcycles for sale at mcnbikesforsale.com to find the pick of the pre-owned Victorys on offer.

With the Vegas' chopper looks, performance from the air/oil cooled 1634cc V-twin motor and value for money, it makes a tempting alternative to a Harley.

The Victory Vegas isn’t just quick for a cruiser, but the acceleration is proper, stomach churning, ‘laugh out loud’ quick. With 106ftlb of torque exploding to the rear tyre and relatively little weight to push along (for a cruiser) it hits so much harder than you’d imagine. It has a smooth five-speed gearbox, but you barely need to trouble it as there’s big dollops of grunt whenever you twist the throttle, at any revs and in any gear.

It can handle spirited riding through the bends, has decent ground clearance and won’t wobble or weave too, much, impressive for this type of bike. Although there’s only one brake upfront it does a decent job of stopping you, although you need to supplement the front brake with a foot-ful of rear if you really want to stop quickly.

Here's our pick of the Vegas' for sale at mcnbikesforsale.com. It's a 2010 59 reg bike that has covered 2981 miles with one owner, comes with manufacturers warranty, stage one exhaust upgrade and alarm, on offer at £7850. View the advert here.


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