Brussels demo over EU plans

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MCN is taking the fight over the meddling EU to Brussels with a demonstration rally.

We’re staging a protest ride to European Parliament to coincide with a vote on restrictive new measures for bikes.

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Tuning could become impossible and even home-maintenance severely hampered under proposals to make bikes impossible to modify.

So-called onboard diagnostic systems on new bikes could detect non-standard parts and trigger a warning light until the ‘fault’ is rectified by a dealer. Routine faults could be reported in code decipherable only be a dealer, preventing home-servicing.

One aim is to prevent modifications to the ‘powertrain’ which rider groups fear could include anything from the throttle to rear tyre.

The rally will take place on November 22 to coincide with a committee vote on the proposals.

New bikes are also to get ABS under EU plans, which are due to take effect from 2014.

UKIP MEP Marta Andreasen, who proposed the demonstration, said: “The proposals show a distinct lack of understanding of how motorbikes work, discriminate against the disabled and, if implemented, could ironically make bikes less safe.”

Read more in MCN, on sale today, and keep checking the paper and website for more details.

Join our Facebook group on the demo here.

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell