Bikers in France

I’m a Brit biker (30 years), and I’ve been living in France since 1998 so I thought it might be worth highlighting la difference here in France.

The French government do not require motorcycles to pass MOT rules as their transport minister rightly recognised the fact that the vast majority of bikers have a vested interest in ensuring their bikes are roadworthy and so don’t need a nanny state telling them to.

Unlike the UK and other EU states, they expect bikes to be restricted to 104 bhp, though this is widely ignored. Public awareness, acceptation of and respect for bikers is noticeably better than the UK, common for car drivers to move aside to let bikes pass. Fuel cheaper, but bikes, parts and gear more expensive.

Fuel stations gradually becoming more paranoid though, with most insisting on helmet removal before filling and some now requiring pre-payment due to the fill and run yobs.

A lot less speed cameras, but a lot more stop checks. Photo ID obligatory. Best of all, the quality of the roads, except at night – no cats eyes and poor lighting…


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