BMW launches online owner and bike service

Published: 02 September 2011

BMW Motorrad has added a new section to its website that enables BMW owners to view parts catalogues, download owner’s manuals and a tyre fitment guide for their specific machine. All three sections cover BMW models over the past ten years.

The new section will allow BMW owners to correctly identify any parts required for servicing and repair, replace a lost owner manual and replace tyres to the correct rating.

Included in the new section is a sub-section entitled Breakdown Dictionary to translate important phrases for dealing with bike related problems when travelling abroad. For example if you’re English and in Germany and your BMW’s engine is rattling, instead of saying 'It’s buggered, mate', you can learn to reel off the correct phrase "Klappem im Motor, mate."

The new sections can either be viewed or downloaded in PDF-form and only require a bike’s VIN number to ensure viewing of the correct model. A real bonus of the new Electronic Parts Catalogue system is it can give owners more insight into how engine or chassis components actually work by showing clear and concise technical drawings of all areas of the bike.

The new section can be found on BMW’s UK informative website or direct at