Deaths and casualties rise at speed camera sites

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Deaths and casualties have risen at scores of speed camera sites across the country. 

Cameras that have led to a rise in accidents have been laid bare under government requirements to publish casualty data.

In Kent, one site has seen deaths and serious injuries quadruple from one in three years before the camera to four in three years after.

Another of the biggest rises has been at a site in Humberside where deaths and serious injuries rose 344% after the camera’s introduction.

Casualty rates have been calculated by comparing three-year periods before and after the camera.

In Lincolnshire, there are seven sites where deaths and serious injuries have risen and another 15 where slight injuries have increased. At one site deaths and serious injuries have risen by 177%.

Read our full investigation in MCN, on sale September 28. 

Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell