Editor's picks: BMW R1200S

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Here in the MCN office there is an ongoing conversation about the merits of Boxer twins. The short-lived R1200S is a real opinion-divider…

Somehow you already know if you want the BMW R1200S. The looks divide opinions, but only half as much as the Boxer engine and the Telelever/Paralever suspension do.

BMW has strained the limits of these design parameters – and it only just comes off. As an oddball track motorcycle it works.

Boxer twins are historically all about torque. But the R1200S’s DOHC, 1170cc item loves to rev, building as it does to a second powerband at around 6500rpm. There is massive torque too, enough to rival Suzuki’s GSX-R1000.

The BMW R1200S is very vibey – enough to leave your hands tingling after a long (200+ mile) journey – a character trait not shared by its older R1100S sibling.

The R1200S is slow to turn in, but once over it holds a great line, though the optional Ohlins suspension package is a worthwhile extra.

Our pick of the BMW R1200S’s on offer at mcnbikesforsale.com is this 2006-registered model with just 6,000 miles on the clock. This red and silver option comes with heated grips, ABS and a factory fitted alarm/immobiliser. View the advert here.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff