Bikers take over motorways in EU demo

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Thousands of motorcyclists took over motorways for half-an-hour on Sunday in protest over EU plans.

Bikers made their feelings known with go-slow rides taking place simultaneously from around 100 starting points across the country. 

Processions of hundreds of motorcyclists rode at 45mph for 10 miles in the EU Hands Off Biking demonstrations, organised by the Motorcycle Action Group.

In London, police stopped other traffic as around 600 motorcyclists poured onto the M25.

All kinds of machines were present, from trikes to sports bikes. Some had attached Union Jack flags to their motorcycles.

Riders made ‘victory’ signs to onlookers and pillions filmed the rally.

One rider said: “I’ve had enough of the EU interfering with motorcycling. I’ve had enough of the EU. Why do we need another layer of government?”

The protests were over proposed anti-tampering measures to stop riders modifying or working on their bikes.

Tuning will become impossible and even home-maintenance severely hampered under plans.

So-called onboard diagnostic systems on new bikes could detect non-standard parts and trigger a warning light until the ‘fault’ is rectified by a dealer.

Routine faults could be reported in code decipherable only be a dealer, preventing home-servicing.

New bikes are also to get ABS under the plans, which are due to take effect from 2014.

Sunday’s protests were also in ‘solidarity’ with riders in France and Ireland who face plans for compulsory high-visibility riding gear from their governments.

Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell