Argentinian tourers at 'The Green Wellie' Tyndrum

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Ken Berry spotted an Argentinian couple at ‘The Green Wellie’, Tyndrum who have been touring for nine years:

“I was away for a couple of days up north of Scotland (26/09/2011) with a friend and we stopped at ‘The Green Wellie’ at Tyndrum and parked up next to the bike in the photo. It belonged to an Argentinian couple and we started talking to them initially about the bike as it was covered in various country stickers and was loaded up to the hilt.

“It transpires that they left Argentina over 9 nine years ago and have been on the road ever since. They said that they’ll probably go back in about 4 years.

“They were heading to Northern Ireland then Ireland over to Wales then heading south for Spain then Africa.

“Just in case anyone spots them on their travels to have a chat and wish them well. What an adventure.”

Ken Berry

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By Ken Berry