Red tape destroying the industry

It had to happen sometime, the slow decline of the bike industry as we know it, probably blamed on the recession, or exchange rates.

But here's my take on the situation so far, based on my son's experience. Firstly after paying £600 to insure his Aprilia RS50, his insurance company wouldn’t transfer the remainder of his policy onto an Aprilia RS125 when he turned 17.

He was forced to pay £750 to insure the 125 with no claims. 12 months later his new insurance company don’t want to insure 125 Aprilia`s anymore (too many accidents apparently!) so to discourage him he has been quoted over £2000, despite having a clean licence, and one year’s no claims bonus!

To then add insult to injury, he has tried in vain to pass his theory test three times, and each time he comes up only a few points short of a pass. Despite the fact he sailed through his car theory, and passed that test first time!

Sadly he has finally given up on bikes, the new R6 he was so determined to buy will now never happen, and another lifelong biker has been disillusioned and disheartened, with all the potential revenue that generates being lost.

He will be selling his beloved bike, and will instead go the car route, with all the extortionate insurance that entails.

Well done red tape and legislation, you are destroying our industry.

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Marty Simpson

Reader's article

By Marty Simpson