At least you’ll crash within the speed limit!

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It’s a massive pothole on a bend but at least you won’t be speeding if it makes you crash. 

A council has been accused of compromising safety to catch speeders by painting the white line in the pothole instead of repairing it.

The line is needed for the speed camera in the background to catch offenders breaking the 40mph limit on A128 at Kelvedon Hatch, Essex. But the AA says it camouflages the pothole, which is big enough to interfere with motorcyclists’ control.

An AA spokesman said: “The pothole appears to have a particularly nasty edge which could affect control of a vehicle, especially a powered-two-wheeler.

"It is easy to spot in the photograph. A driver may well have less chance to spot it through the camouflage of white transverse lines.”

Essex Council said: “Unfortunately on this occasion the lining crew proceeded with the lining renewal as instructed, despite the appearance of this defect.

"Once the defect has been repaired then any damaged markings will be repainted. Instructions have been issued to the crews to prevent this from happening again.”

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell