Warning over new £50 ‘super MoT’ for bikes

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Bike MoT costs could rise to £50 under EU proposals, according to the Motorcycle Action Group.

The current £29 test is set to be replaced with a more rigorous ‘super MoT’ if plans go ahead, the group says.

A MAG spokesman said: ‘The proposed inspections go far beyond the current requirements for a bike MoT.  Riders and MoT stations would see some significant changes, and a £50 test fee seems likely based on the available data.

‘MAG believes the effect would be to transform the MoT we are familiar with into a super MoT which would be more extensive, more invasive and more costly.’

The group is backing a Brussels protest ride on September 22. Find details at www.mag-uk.org.

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell