Glen Richards tests E-power bike

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Over the last two weeks Glen Richards has been testing the Ecotricity Kingston University Ion Horse 12, successor to the Ion Horse 11 which finished third in the 2011 TT Zero and got within 400 yards of completing a 103mph lap in 2012.

Ion Horse 12 is completely new and features the latest version of the revolutionary YASA motor - the size of an alternator but with 900NM of torque (nearly as much as a 6.7L Bentley engine!) and rumoured to be capable of 235bhp when fully developed!

Glen seemed impressed by the bike, saying it is extremely stable and will be ideal for the TT.

He said it is a bike he could race hard as it has a lot of similarity to a supersport bike, and makes the most of the advantages of the electric motor while not deviating too far from the characteristics of a normal motorcycle.

He made it clear that the 12 bike is a massive improvement on the 11 version and that it is something that he would like to race.

Sadly he is not availabe for it's first race, the Le Mans round of the FIM International E-Power Championship on 7th September.

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