London Motorbike Smash and Grab Gang Found Guilty

Published: 05 December 2012

A group of thieves has been found guilty of a string of motorcycle smash and grab robberies on luxury shops in London's West End

The gang, all of whom were aged 19-21, were found guilty of conspiracy to commit theft and burglary, as well as various other charges. In total, they were found guilty of 46 charges.

The gang stole over £1million from a number of stores between April and October 2011, including Apple, Anya Hindmarch, Christian Dior, Loewe, and Mulberry.

Steven Dedman, the leader of the gang, was even given a 20th birthday cake showing a motorbike and handbags by his girlfriend Lizzie Andrew, also one of the guilty.

They were caught after police got wind of an organised gang of motorcyclists orchestrating the thefts and spend 100 nights staking out a King's Cross car park where they were storing their bikes.

Detective Sergeant Alan Stimson, from the Westminster Crime Squad, said: “They were a danger to anyone around when carrying out these raids, they acted without consideration for others and put many lives in danger with the reckless way in which they rode through London when attempting to evade capture.

“The group were responsible for a series of offences and since their arrest we have seen a 90 per cent drop in smash and grabs.”

The defendants will be sentenced on January 11.