Bridgestone launches Battlax T30 sports-touring tyre

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Bridgestone are continuing their road tyre update and rebranding program with yet another new addition to the Battlax range – the T30.

The new tyre replaces the BT023, in itself a tyre we rated highly, and is claimed to achieve significant improvements in dry performance, to add a bit more ‘sport’ capability for the fast touring segment of the market.

Improved handling was also a goal, and the product information suggests that turn-in and rate of response are improved over its predecessor.

The front tread pattern comprises ‘T-Cross’ shaped grooves – straight on the center, and slanted towards the shoulder – claimed to improve and quicken response, while the rear’s pattern combines slicker shoulders with ‘swirled-shape’ grooves, giving better grip when the bike is leant over.

Dry handling, grip and cornering are all improved over the 023, with no loss of performance in the wet.

The T30 is the first Battlax tyre in the touring segment named ‘T’ – Bridgestone now uses T for ‘Touring’, S for ‘Sport’ and R for ‘Race’ to more clearly position its Battlax range.

The T30 range will be launched in the UK on the 1st March 2013 – ask your local tyre supplier for expected delivery dates, and pricing.

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Richard Newland

By Richard Newland