Nick Sanders - Timbuktu available now on iPad

Nick Sanders, the world's greatest motorcycle adventurer rides the length of the Americas twice in a record breaking time of 49 days. This amazing journey is now available in Apple's interactive book format downloadable on iPad. You swipe the pages and touch-screen poster-frame photographs with embedded video, so the page 'comes alive'. The interactive book concept is the most exciting new development in publishing ever and Nick Sanders' book 'The Incredible Ride' is one of the first examples of the genre ever produced.

This has been followed up by Timbuktu: In Search of the Dakar Rally and Timbuktu.

In Search of the Dakar Rally and Timbuktu is essential reading for those who have ever considered leaving their comfort zone. For Sanders the journey was a fusion of two ideas: one, to journey across Africa to Timbuktu by motorcycle with a group of riders, the other to follow a highly competitive race across the Sahara Desert, an adventure replete with contradictions, once known as Paris-Dakar.

Both of these incredible adventures are available to download from iTunes now.

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