Classic Norton Commando flies flag for St George

Published: 03 February 2012

Built entirely from new parts, this bespoke Norton Commando is the product of a partnership between Northampton Norton specialist Mick Hemmings and deeply patriotic customer Nick Gosse.

Hemmings spent nearly a year building the red and white tribute, the first in a series of vehicles Gosse has planned that exemplify the “iconic image of the ‘spirit of St. George’”.

The bike features the latest in Commando updates and performance modifications, including Wiseco forged 10:25:1 pistons, Avon Roadrider tyres and a PW3 Peter Williams Camshaft.

“It’s got modified forks, head brackets and primary transmission. He wanted to make sure you could see the belt drive kit”, Hemmings told MCN. “It’s got loads of special parts, and as you can see it’s nothing like an original Commando”.

One of the main changes to the original Commando was guided by Gosse’s express demand for a drum brake rather than disc. Hemmings said: “I chose the classic Italian Fontana rep. 250mm front brake”.

Other modifications include Amal concentric 33mm Hemmings smoothbore carbs, modified/machined primary chaincases, footrest hangers and ventilated rear brakes.

Apparently Gosse is overjoyed with the end result. Hemmings saw Gosse’s son take a ride on the patriotic Commando: “His son rides a 675 Triumph, and you could tell he’d never ridden anything classic. He thought it was marvellous.”

The next vehicle in Gosse’s ‘spirit of St. George’ series is set to be on four wheels, with the ability to traverse desert, marsh and mountain.