Ducati for sale?

Published: 13 February 2012

Ducati is up for sale for £1billion by owners Investindustrial according to the Financial Times with a large car company thought to be the most likely buyer.

Investindustrial is a private-equity firm which has overseen the complete overhaul of the financial and product line-up on offer by the Italian bike firm which is reporting a big increase in bikes sales to around 42,000 in 2011. Ducati motorcycle for sale.

The FT quotes Investindustrial’s chairman Andrea Bonomi as saying: “"Ducati is now a perfect company but the further growth it requires needs the support of a world-class industrial partner. This year, we will work towards that partner."

Rumours that Ducati is going to be bought by Mercedes Benz; owners of tuning arm AMG gathered pace when the two companies linked up with MotoGP sponsorship but these were officially denied to MCN. The FT now believes either a rival motorcycle company or car company are the most likely buyers.