Adventure Map – motorcycle tours in Morocco

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Morocco is the sort of place more adventurous bikers always seem to be popping off to, returning from or considering a blast around.

It’s no surprise – Morocco is close enough to be as accessible as many European destinations but exotic enough to command real attention. You have the option to fly to Morocco and use hire bikes, or you can just as easily ride south through France and Spain over a couple of days and hop on a ferry to the North African kingdom.

We have assembled a plethora of the best adventure tours and bike hire options in Morocco and across the rest of the world on one page to help you start planning your next adventure on two wheels and have loads of options in Morocco and throughout Africa.

Whether you want to sample the miles of unrestricted trails across the Atlas Mountain ranges of Morocco, have fun away from civilisation in the dunes of the Sahara, or wind down the scenic coast, we have a great selection of Moroccan motorcycle tours, with all the details and contacts you’ll need.

You can zoom in and navigate the map to find a tour, trip or motorcycle hire exactly where you want to go.

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