The end of choppers?

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Custom choppers are threatened by the latest proposals from Brussels to prevent us modifying our bikes.

Modifications targeted by EU anti-tampering plans already include tuning for more power.

Now the European Commission wants to add to the list extended forks, a defining feature of choppers.

The latest proposals were set out in a meeting between representatives of the Commission, DfT and motorcycle groups.

The Motorcycle Action Group has drafted a letter opposing the moves which it is urging riders to send to their MEPs.

The group’s General Secretary Nich Brown said: “This is a simple case of an official on the Commission who doesn’t understand motorcycles but doesn’t like the look of extended forks believing he needs to regulate it.”

The plans also include ABS for all new bikes over 50cc and tougher emission limits.
The committee on the plans voted in favour of them in December despite a protest ride to Brussels.

If European Parliament takes the same view in a vote due in April, anti-tampering measures will be introduced by 2014 and new emission limits and ABS by 2016.

But Brown said there was a growing “groundswell of opinion amongst MEPs” against the proposals. He added: “It’s by no means certain which is why we’re encouraging people to write to their MEPs.”

  • Find MAG’s letter for MEPs here
Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell