Thanks for stopping?

Published: 18 January 2012

On tuesday January 17 I was hit by a car on the A40 near Northolt by a lady in a black saloon.

She decided to take advantage of a space in lane 2 which had just started moving about 5mph faster than lane 3 in which she was situated. Unfortunately she neglected to observe that there was an obstruction - me on my ER-6F (Hi-Vis included).

God only knows how I managed to stay upright. The driver behind me in lane 2 must have had kittens watching me fight to stay on.

After I regained my balance I managed to make my way into lane 1 and pull over, only to find that the driver who hit me had made off, failing to stop and was long gone.

I'd like to thank the fellow biker (on a 'W' reg sports bike) who stopped to check I was OK and then tried in vain to catch her.

At 53 and having only passed my test a little over a year ago, this was my first major encounter, and has really brought home just how vulnerable we can be.

It's also shown the good (fellow biker) and the bad (the driver) in people. I'd like also to thank the Met police on '101' and at Kentish Town and Hillingdon Police Staions for their help and support.