Olympic ‘oversight’ over Games Lanes

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Olympic organisers face criticism for excluding motorcyclists from Games Lanes reserved for athletes, officials and VIPs.

The Motorcycle Action Group says it’s an “obvious oversight” because letting motorcyclists share the lanes would reduce congestion and emissions.

Around 30 miles of Games Lanes opened last Wednesday to people directly involved in the Olympics. Anyone else who enters them risks a £130 fine.

MAG said: “Given the reasoning behind the whole project is to improve traffic flow, reduce congestion and therefore emissions, MAG is saddened at the obvious oversight by the planning authorities who have forgotten to include motorcycles.

“It will be deeply regrettable if traffic accidents involving riders increase during this Olympic period because they are forced into filtering when a completely free and safe lane is available.”

Transport for London said: ‘Motorcyclists can use some nearside Games lanes that are shared use with bus lanes.’

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell