A dream come true

Published: 11 June 2012

Wirral Bikers Motorcycle Club founder, George Girven got the surprise of his life when being contacted by Bennetts last week to inform him that he had been chosen to have his Bennetts Biking Dream.

George had always wanted to see what goes on behind the scenes in the pit garage of a motorcycle racing team.

This wish was granted by Bennetts who flew George over to the Isle of Man TT races on Wednesday morning for a three day stay and arranged for him to spend the Thursday with the Norton racing team as "tea maker extraordinaire" at their garage situated in the main paddock area.

Upon hearing the news George said: "I'm absolutely stunned but so excited at the prospect of spending a day with the racing team of such an iconic brand as Norton Motorcycles, they are synonymous with the TT and everyone has heard of a Manx Norton."

"I still can't quite believe it, the last time I had such a fantastic surprise like this was when winning the regional Final of the Liverpool Echo Bahamas Golf Challenge in 97 and then going to the Bahamas to play in the World Final."

Bennetts also invited George along to the VIP hospitality suite on the Friday for Lunch and to meet many of the racers taking part in the TT such as Guy Martin, John McGuinness, Ian Hutchinson, Conor Cummins and many more.

Unfortunately, George had to fly back home on the Friday evening and so missed the Senior TT as it was postponed until Saturday but then it was cancelled altogether due to bad weather.

Nevertheless it was an unrivalled experience that he said, "will stay with him forever" and when waiting for his flight at Ronaldsway Airport with Bennetts dream-maker, Michael Mann and 2 of the "Bennetts Babes" Hayley and Sydney, he went on to say,"That's been the best 3 days of my motorcycling life and I can't thank Bennetts and Norton enough, for their hospitality and thoughtfulness ...it's just been magical"