Unique Kawasaki Streetfighter, my first big bike.

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In 2010 I was casually browsing eBay for a project 600 that I could use after I'd passed my test. I was looking for a bike I could use every single day and I believe I found that very bike when I stumbled on an 1992 Kawasaki ZZR600. I haggled and managed to get the bike for a very good price.

As you can Imagine as a 17-year-old I was on a high. But that's where it all started to go wrong.

Even getting it home was a struggle. My father and I went to collect the bike with a trailer we had been using for our motorcross bikes and within the first mile of the return journey the ZZR fell off. Somehow the bike was undamaged.

Money is always a problem on a build for the majority of us but when this build forced the sale of my beloved 1996 Yamaha TZR125 4hw model (Stan Smith tuned) I was gutted.

A few months passed and little had been done to the bike due to work and college commitments, but I went for my bike test in June 2011. The race was now on to complete the bike.

I had no money left but I was determined to make the bike cheaply. eBay is a brilliant resource and with a few job lots of streetfighter parts the bike was soon looking like the custom bike I always wanted.

The full build probably took around 10 months to complete, due to lack of funds and my decision making been especially slow. However I feel that the bike has benefitted from the time and care taken as I think it has been well finished and has the unique streetfighter look I was going for.

I am now designing, building and consulting on other projects because of this bike. It has opened many doors and even still restricted to 33bhp is alot of fun and I wouldnt have wanted a different first big bike.

You can see the bike at up and coming shows such as Barton bike night.

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Owen Byrom

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By Owen Byrom